17DD Blogs & Sites

Here's the Resource List you've been looking for!

This will be an ongoing project being added to as more locations are discovered with healthy and compliant 17DD recipes and helpful information.

Please feel free to comment if you have links that you'd like added; or you can email me HERE!

This is sectioned off by useful websites and blogs, FB Pages (Communities), FB Groups, and Pinterest Boards.

Helpful Websites and Blogs
17 Day Diet (Dr Mike's website): This website has changed drastically and does not really have much useful information on it any more.

FB Pages (Communities)
17 Day DietThis is a community/page run by Terri Sinclair. Her community goes mostly by the spirit of the diet, but not solely by the book. This page does not have a lot of activity that is not posted by Terri (though there are comments here and there).  

17 Day Diet Official Community: This is a very large community which is run by the Public Relations firm that promotes Dr. Mike's book.  He does not participate on this page at all, and any advice/help that you get there is from fellow users.  The activity level is very low.

FB Groups 
17 Day Diet Breakthrough: This is a group that discusses the newest book published under Dr. Mike's name and authorship.

17DD Friends: This is one of the best groups out there (in addition to ours, of course!).  Run by Joie and is a good source of information and advice-from-experience.

17DD Recipe Links: This is a group for sharing links to 17DD recipes.  Once a month, an updated downloadable spreadsheet is published with all the links shared on the group.

17DD Test Kitchen: This is a group whose purpose is to bounce around ideas for modifying recipes so they are 17DD compliant.  Sharing of recipes happens here as well!

Pinterest Boards
17DDGal: This set of Pinterest boards is mostly 17DD related. There are one or two boards that are not, but all recipes are 17DD compliant and indicate which cycle they can be used in.


  1. Can I have water chestnuts in C1 on the 17DD? Also, can I split my pro-biotic over the servings (8 oz kefir smoothie for bfast, 3 oz yogurt tzatziki lunch with poultry and salad and 3 oz snack at night?

  2. Water chestnuts would come under C3 in "virtually any vegetable."
    You can split up your probiotic however you want! I used to do 4 oz 3 times a day with my yogurt.