Saturday, December 10, 2011

Homemade Yogurt (C2)

Yogurt - Homemade (C2)
Recipe Author: Smmie Sinow

Per 6 ounce serving: 93 calories; per 8 ounce serving: 125 calories (15.6 calories per ounce)

This looks complicated, but it's really a VERY simple recipe to follow!

½ gallon milk, nonfat (1% or 2% works better supposedly)
½ cup plain yogurt such as Chobani or Fage nf
2 scoops vanilla protein powder (each scoop = 30-35 grams)
1 tsp unflavored Knox gelatin

Pour milk in a heavy saucepan and set on your stove’s burner. DO NOT turn on any heat yet. Add protein powder slowly, whisking in to blend well and let it sit for about 15 minutes (this helps the thickening and also brings it closer to room temperature). Whisk intermittently if it looks like there's a "skin" forming on the surface.

Sprinkle knox gelatin on top and let sit for 1-2 minutes, then whisk it into the rest of the mixture. DO NOT let it sit for more than 2'll be as sorry as I was when I did that!

Heat slowly to 180°, stirring constantly (if you don’t stir constantly, it may burn on the bottom). I use not the low setting for the heat, but the next one up on my burners (we have electric).

Remove from heat and let cool to about 110 to 111°; I’d recommend stirring occasionally to avoid getting the “film” that you get on the top, but it’s not 100% necessary. The cooling down process takes about 30-45 minutes. You can put a fan in front of the pan and that will speed it up (put the fan on low).

Then whisk together about ½ cup of the warm milk with ½ cup of plain yogurt in a small bowl. Doing this will help assure an even distribution of the yogurt. Then whisk this mixture into the saucepan of milk that you’ve had heating.

Transfer mixture into a warmed container (I heated a plastic container that holds about 10-12 cups with hot water for a few minutes). Cover with a couple of heavy blankets, making sure to wrap well so it retains the heat; I make sure the blankets/towels are underneath as well, and I usually run the towels (I use bath towels) through the dryer for about 5 minutes before transferring the yogurt-to-be to the plastic and covering.

Do not disturb for 8-10 hours (my goal is 8, but if it’s “germinating” in the middle of the night, then 10 is fine too); then carefully check to see if it is done.

Gently touch the surface with a spoon. It may not be really firm, but it should have thickened up more than it was when in the pan cooking.

Then unwrap it and cool completely before eating. I generally refrigerate it at least 12 hours to 24 hours before eating. This may or may not need sweetener when eating -- it depends on the sweetness of the protein powder you used (what they sell at Costco is VERY sweet and we don't add any sweetener; the brand I get at Walmart...Body not as sweet and I do wind up adding a little bit of sweetener to the completed yogurt when I'm ready to eat it).

This yogurt can be used as your starter for your next batch instead of buying another carton.

Some additional helpful hints and notes:
* Instead of heating on the stovetop, you can put it in your microwave for 16-20 minutes to get to the 180 degrees quicker.

* When cooling, you can place the container in a sinkful of ice cubes which will cool it down faster.

* I use the hand mixer portion of our Magic Bullet blender to blend everything really well at two points in the process: First, after I've put in the protein powder and gelatin (before heating it); Second: After putting in the warmed milk and yogurt mixture back into the full container.  This assures complete mixture and will help with any lumps that may have formed from the protein powder.

* After the 8 hours of being surrounded by a blanket, I put the yogurt in the refrigerator and leave it alone for at least 24 hours.  That will help with the thickening.  I also sometimes add another scoop of protein powder for thickening if it needs it -- this will also get you more protein per serving.


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