Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Call for Smoothie Recipes!

I'm looking for smoothie recipes from everyone!

There are so many good ideas out there and I thought it would be good to put them all in one place, so I set up a Filter (Label) to show just the smoothies on this blog.

If you have any smoothie ideas, please send them to me either as a comment here or to my email at 17DDGal@gmail.com and I'll add them -- you will be given FULL credit, something I always do when I know  who the Recipe Author is!

Here's the link:


  1. I can't wait to see the ideas! I love the orange creme smoothie you have on here!

  2. Me too! My new favorite is the banana cream one (not up yet) -- 1 Tbsp of banana cream sugar-free jello mix, 6 ounces kefir, 1 scoop protein powder and a handful of ice! I love bananas and this helps me to not feel so deprived! I'm doing a 5 days C1 followed by 2 days C3 (C3 on the weekends) right now.

  3. oops make that sugar-free jello *pudding* mix....

  4. After reading your smoothie recipes, I had my husband pick up some of the sugar-free Jello flavors you mentioned. When he was at the store he called to ask if I wanted some sugar-free Lemon pudding and sugar-free Cheesecake also. Instantly I thought, what about a Lemon Cheesecake smoothie? Or even an Orange Cheesecake smoothie? I'm trying them tonight. Basically following your Creamsicle Smoothie recipe, but using 1/2 Tbls. of sugar-free Lemon Jello pudding mix and 1/2 Tbls. sugar-free Cheesecake Jello pudding mix.

  5. For an easy C1 smoothie option:
    1 orange (peeled)
    5 strawberries
    2 large handfuls spinach
    4-5 slices cucumber (optional - doesn't add much taste, just nutrients!)
    a few mint sprigs (optional - I just love the flavor)
    1 packet stevia
    1 small ff and low sugar vanilla yogurt (optional - could just use a little ice and water to get the right consistency)

    Blend well and enjoy! I like to make these the night before and enjoy them for breakfast. They sit in the fridge well.

  6. Thanks Kendall!!! This is a good C4 recipe--juices of any kind (more than 1-2 Tbsp per serving) are Cycle 4. I will include this recipe in an update to the blog I'm doing in the next few days.