Saturday, May 19, 2012

17 Day Diet Books

As you all know, the book that Dr. Mike wrote, The 17 Day Diet, has been hugely successful and as a result, he has authored a Workbook and also a Cookbook.

My recommendation is to not purchase the Workbook as there are some errors in it regarding what foods can be eaten in which cycle.  The Cookbook has a few errors in it, but mostly is a good thing. There are 80 recipes in it, with 10-12 of them being repeats from the book.

This is a reminder to all of us to be familiar with the food lists so that you know when something says it's C1 and you know it's not.

There is also a special edition of the book which is being marketed through Direct Mail (mass mailings).  You know those -- the ones where they tell you that you can preview it for 21 days before you have to pay for it? That's it!

The special edition of the book has no content change (even my favorite guffaw that says to eat sugar-free yogurt when there is no such thing, as opposed to no sugar-added yogurt which is what I believe the intent is).

There are, however, some additions to the book.  The special edition has a journal, it has an Index (Yay for that, right?!!!) and profiles 4 people who have been successful on the diet.  Nice stories about how the diet has changed lives, in my opinion -- but then again, I'm one of the four profiled.

The link for the new edition of the book is below.  I MUST ask you NOT to repost this link on Facebook communities for the 17 Day Diet.  There were agreements made between the folks handling the Direct Mail sales of the book and the sales of the original book and it is very important for each not to tread on each other. Please don't disappoint me by reposting the link below on any FB communities.  THANK YOU so much for that.

Here's the link for the Direct Mail promo of the book:

The book comes with 3 other publications (one of which is called 17 Minute Meals or something like that!) and does cost more than the original book is selling for now.


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