Monday, January 6, 2014

FOCUS on the Principles Challenge for 2014 - Week 2

Join us as we continue our 4-week challenge to incorporate principles of the 17 Day Diet until they become habit that we don't even think about.

In addition to continuing Week #1 principles, add these for the next week:


  1. Curious what you're referring to as far as tolerating green tea. I suspected last time I did 17-Day that it was the tea that made me constipated, but I couldn't find any reference to back up my suspicion.

  2. We recommend if there are issues with constipation to eliminate the green tea. One of the known side effects of green tea is constipation. As for tolerating it? That's kind of a personal decision whether you have side effects or not. Also, green tea is not recommended for those that are taking blood thinners, have blood pressure issues, and some other health issues. I lost 107 lbs in the first year and used the green tea for about 1 week, then stopped--those that I've spoken with that have not used it have not seen a slowdown in losses due to not using it -- for me, the green tea is an optional part of the diet, tho it's not stated as such in the book.

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