Friday, January 31, 2014

Not All 17 Day Diet Pages Follow The Diet

There are quite a few Facebook Communities (now called Pages) and Groups related to the 17 Day Diet.

Most have the best of intentions in helping those new to the diet to understand what is and what isn't allowed, but moreso: WHY.

There are two Pages which are basically marketing pages for the books Dr Mike has authored:

  1. One touts itself as the Official Page for the 17 day diet.
  2. The other is Dr Mike's Page.
Neither are posting items that are compliant with the diet.  It has become apparent to us that there is a new Admin who is posting to both pages who is not familiar at all with the diet.

The Official page used to be the "Go To" page for those wanting information about the diet. When I started in 2011, it was chock-full of people who were familiar with the What's as well as the Why's and could explain that to you.  However, I am not sure it was ever intended to be anything more than a PR page for the book.  Facebook members morphed it into a Help page, but with the incorrect information being posted there lately, it is no longer a resource for information.

PLEASE be careful when searching for Pages and Groups on Facebook for the diet.  Some are promoting recipes that use sugar, butter, honey -- all of which are not allowed.

Know your Food Lists and Guidelines for the diet.

If you have any questions, my mailbox is always open to answer them (


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for the "heads-up," and posting the correct guidelines.

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