Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moist Turkey Loaf (C1)

Moist Turkey Loaf (C1)
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Recipe Author: 17-Day-Diet FB community Admin

I took the extra lean 97/3 fat chopped turkey meat & added some low carb/low sugar ketchup, some organic or homemade salsa (no jalapenos, no cilantro, no lime) and the Veggie parmesan, a few pieces of diced onion, garlic (and really what ever else you like); just 1 twist of my sea salt grinder & a twist of pepper.

I put a little basil, oregano and parsley in with it. 

Rather then baking it, I put the broiler on low, sprayed the pan with Pam and the difference was unreal, not dry as usual~ SO moist & tasty.

AND REMEMBER~ make extra to use as taco filling & stuffing for veggies & even to add to your cauliflower rice!

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