Friday, December 2, 2011

Recipe links - TheDoctorsTV C3

The following are the links from TheDoctorsTV website's area for the 17 Day Diet for Cycle 3.
Cycle 1 recipe links can be viewed here.
Cycle 2 recipe links can be viewed here.To receive the Excel file with all 3 cycle's links, sorted by cycle, email me.

Baked squash with tomatoes 
Cauliflower with Carrot-Cheese Sauce (Galloping Gourmet) 
Chicken breasts with zucchini pappardelle 
Chicken Grape Salad Pockets 
Chicken salad 
Chicken salad rollups 
Chili turkey 
Eggplant Spinach & Mushroom stacks 
French Fries 
French toast Apple Cinnamon 
Frozen pineapple ice cream 
Herb flaxseed crust 
Orange Cream cooler 
Pina collada 
Popcorn Charlie's favorite 
Popcorn using flaxseed oil, better than butter 
Red velvet chocolate squares 
Roasted Beet Chips 
Smoothie Summertime Pineapple 
Spanish dinner salad 
Tuna pate 
Turkey sausage lowfat, smoked, with sauerkraut 
Yogurt pumpkin  


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