Friday, December 2, 2011

Recipe links - TheDoctorsTV C2

Here are the links to 17 Day Diet Recipes on TheDoctorsTV website for Cycle 2.  Don't forget: Cycle 2 adds foods to Cycle 1 allowable foods, so you now have Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 foods for Cycle 2 -- on alternating days (your C2 days) you can have the C2 foods and recipes.

Cycle 1 links can be viewed here.

Cycle 3 links can be viewed here.

If you would like the Excel file with the links to recipes for all 3 cycles, email me.


Apple breakfast patties 
Banana ice cream 
Bean soup 
Cabbage Casserole  
Cabbage lasagna 
Chicken black bean soup 
Chicken easy 
Chicken Marsala 
Chicken Mexican for 2 
Chicken parmesan 
Chicken Slow cooker Tex Mex with beans 
Chickpeas crispy 
Chili 3 bean, amazing 
Chili Veggie, homemade (great potato topper) 
Chili, Fast Chicken 
Chili, white 
Chocolate covered rice cake 
Cinnamon chips 
Clam Chowder Mock 
Coating for pork or chicken 
Coating pork chops or chicken 
Corn Veggie Frittata with cheese 
Cottage cheese pancakes 
Crab soup 
Custard berry 
Fish stew 
Flourless pancakes 
French fries low fat 
Granola lean 
Greens replacement for Soul Food 
Lamb dinner 
Latte Vanilla Caramel Venti 
Lemon Raspberry muffins 
Lentils with rice 
Mac & Cheese (tofu) replacement for Soul Food 
Marinade for sirloin steak 
Meatloaf Mexican 
Meatloaf Turkey 
Mediterranean curry couscous 
Middle Eastern Maklouby  
Pork chops & apples 
Pork, pulled 
Potatoes Twice baked with broccoli & hamburger 
Power Cookie Dr. Mike's 
Ranch dip and butternut fries 
Roast Beef 
Salmon potato sheet enveloped 
Sea Bass or Red Snapper roasted with summer squash 
Shepherd's pie 
Shrimp & broccoli stir fry 
Shrimp rosemary skewered 
Split pea soup with Turkey sausage 
Sweet potato cream soup 
Sweet potato fries 
Sweet potatoes easy, candied 
Turkey or Chicken Sandwich
Vegetable sauce for Pasta or rice 
Waffles special occasion 
Yogurt & Cucumber Salad  

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