Monday, November 28, 2011

Recipe links - TheDoctorsTV C1

This is a listing of C1 recipes on TheDoctorsTV website.  There is a C1 recipe list on TheDoctorsTV website, but it has not been kept updated and is missing about 200+ of the following links.

A separate blog post for Cycle 2 and one for Cycle 3 links can be found at:
Cycle 2 recipe links can be found here.
Cycle 3 recipe links can be found here.

This listing is also available from me as an Excel spreadsheet and has C2 and C3 recipe links as well, sorted by cycle, then alphabetically.  Just email me if you would like the file (it's easier to search that way!).

Please Note:
Some of the recipe names have been changed to more clearly describe what they are (such as "Best Dessert Ever"!!!) and also to try and keep some similar foods together (such as dressings; chicken; turkey; smoothies, etc.) in an effort to help you to see ALL the chicken or smoothie, etc. recipes one after the other.

Also Please Note: When you go to the links, please read all comments, as some recipes are not cycle compliant, but comments further down will tell you how to make them cycle compliant.  Those that are not cycle compliant as written, the list below notates that.  I've not gone through all the recipes, so there are probably others that are not cycle compliant, but for the most part, most recipes comply with both the diet and the cycle stated.

Best Marinade Ever  (and it really IS!!)
Chicken chipotle yogurt 
Chicken Spicy Ranch  (can also be C1 with changes) 
Chicken, Buffalo Lettuce Wraps (easy/quick lunch) 
Eggplant or Zucchini French Fries (zucchini would be C3)
Orange Juice (not C1 compliant) 
Pesto chicken soup (not C1 compliant)
Tomato soup V8, spicy (not C1 compliant) 


  1. I am starting my 17 day diet on Monday and am so happy I found the links to all these recipes!I started this before,but into the second cycle had a huge family crisis and was unable to continue. So sorry it has taken me so long to get back to it

  2. The good thing about this diet is that you know what it's about -- it's not like you're starting brand new!

    Cycle 2 is half Cycle 1, so you're halfway there already!

  3. Is the excel spreadsheet for cycle 1 still available? Would love to have it 9didn;t notice your email at top) and would also love your opinion on whether or not cantaloupe is acceptable on Cycle one. have read yes and no all over the web! Six days in, feeling pretty good!

  4. If you'll email me, I'll send you a grocery shopping list and the recipe links list (email to or

    Canteloupe would be C3 under "virtually any fruit" but not before -- too much sugar.

  5. I just started and I wanted to THANK YOU soooo much for doing all this work for all of us out here! I love to cook and was very underwhelmed by the recipes in the book but also not creative enough to come up with this stuff on my own. You really helped a sista out =)

  6. I love all the recipes on TheDoctorsTV website, but in the beginning when I was looking for recipes I got really frustrated with the lack of any sort of organization to them. I'm an Excel person, so I put everything into that format so as to save time and then just shared that with anyone that wanted! That's what this is ALL about for me -- sharing information with others!!!!

  7. I have a recipe for cycle 1 - it is Greek Lemon & Chicken Soup (also known as Avgolemono. How and where can I publish it?

  8. WONDERFUL!!!!

    If you'll email it to me (, I'll put it up on the blog with credit given to you.

    If you got it from a website, please include that information as I always try and give credit to a source when I know what it is.

  9. I tried this 17 day diets recepies that was very effective and want more diet plans for future.

  10. This is the best source for 17 day diet recipes. Thank You! I am going to email you
    for the excel spreadsheet, too.

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