Monday, May 14, 2012

Strawberry Lovers' Muffins (C2)

Recipe Author: Simmie Sinow


This is a MUST if you enjoy strawberries!

These can be made in two sizes as muffins:

  • Standard: 12-muffins to the muffin pan (1 ice cream scoop of batter)
  • Jumbo: 6 muffins to the muffin pan (2 ice cream scoops of batter)

I have only made the Jumbo size, as when I eat the Standard size (even two of them), it makes me hungrier later in the day!

Combine the following dry ingredients and blend well:
2 scoops Strawberry Whey Protein Powder
3/4 cup Whole Wheat Flour
1 3/4 cups Oatmeal
1 tsp Baking powder
3 Tbsp Stevia Extract Cup for Cup

Then add the following ingredients:
2 containers (6 oz each) CarbMasters Lite Strawberry Yogurt (Make sure to cream it well, getting as close to liquid as you can)
2 large eggs
1 Tbsp Olive oil
1 cup chopped strawberries
2 Tbsp unsweetened almond milk

Mix all ingredients together well.

Use either a Standard or Jumbo muffin pan and spray really well with a nonstick spray (you will regret it if you don't spray thoroughly!).

350 oven for 25 minutes.  This makes either 6 Jumbo muffins or 12 standard sized muffins

17 Day Diet: 
Natural Starch: Standard: 2/3 starches;  Jumbo: 1 1/3 starches
Fruit: Standard: 1/12th fruit;  Jumbo: 1/6th fruit

MyFitnessPal information
If you use MyFitnessPal, these have been entered into the database.  You can find them with the following name, with the brand name of 17DDGal Blog:

Strawberry Lovers' Muffins 6 Ct
Strawberry Lovers' Muffins 12 Ct

Each muffin or bar:
Calories: Standard: 127; Jumbo: 255
Fat: Standard: 2.8 grams;  Jumbo: 5.5 grams
Fiber: Standard: 2.43 grams; Jumbo: 4.8 grams
Protein: Standard: 8.2 grams; Jumbo: 16.4
Carbs: Standard: 14.9 grams; Jumbo: 29.9 grams
Sugar: Standard: 1.79 grams; Jumbo: 3.5 grams

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