Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What About: Constipation

The dreaded word every dieter hates hearing: Constipation! What can be done about it?

Constipation is very common with this diet and other diets as well.

Here's some ideas for getting past constipation:

* Green tea is KNOWN to be constipating. Back off on it or eliminate it completely (I don't drink it as it constipates me and it's not impacted my loss at all)

* Eat more fiber-rich foods. Here's a partial list:
Fiber Rich Foods List

* Make sure you're getting a *minimum* of 64 ozs of water

* You can add some flaxseed meal to your yogurts -- this has helped *keep* me regular

* Someone recommended 250mg of magnesium twice a day -- this took care of the problem for me. As with any supplements, if you are concerned with whether they are a good idea or healthy for you, check with your doctor first.

* Over the counter laxatives like Benefiber or Citrucel.

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