Friday, February 7, 2014

Simplifying The 17 Day Diet

There's obviously more to the diet than this, but this pretty much tells you what each cycle's purpose is.

Something to remember and remind all of us, as this is not always some remember or even realize:

Cycle 1:
Cycle 1 foods only

Cycle 2:
Cycle 1 foods any day; add some Cycle 2 foods on your C2 days in addition to your C1 foods

Cycle 3:
Cycle 1 foods any day; Cycle 2 foods any day; make sure to add some C3 foods to this cycle's menus.
Portion control!!!  This means each serving is portion-controlled, but if you are hungry 30 minutes after eating, you can eat again....and again....and again!

Cycle 1: Detox and getting out of the cravings mode.
Cycle 2: Transition into eating more variety
Cycle 3: The ACTUAL DIET!

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