Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Videos by Dr. Mike

Here are some links to videos made by Dr. Mike.  If you're new to this diet, definitely check them out -- they will answer a lot of your questions!

From Dr. Mike's newer YouTube Channel:
Become your own personal trainer
Don't Exercise, Move!
How Alcohol Affects Weight Loss
How to Enjoy Dining Alone
How To Stay in Shape While Traveling
Maximize Your Workout With Music
Easy & Effective Ways to Reduce Stress
How to Speed Up Your Metabolism
3 Easy Ingredient Swaps for Healthier Meals
How to Stay Fit Without a Gym Membership
5 Ways to Eat Healthy While Dining Out
How to Keep Weight Off
How to Maintain Your Ideal Weight
Easy Tips for Office Stress Relief
Special Thanks to All
The Best Time of Day to Exercise
Top 5 Benefits of the 17 Day Diet
Weight Loss Benefits of Coffee and Green Tea
Why Cheat Meals Are Actually Good For You
Favorite Pre-Workout Meals
Boost Your Immune System! Fight Fatigue and Winter Bugs
Stay Motivated to Work out in the Winter
How to Eat Healthy and Avoid Gaining Weight
Move Your Body: Benefits of Exercise
Effects of Alcohol on your Weight
Benefits of Water
How to Deal with Stress
17 Day Diet: How to Be Healthy and Maintain a Good Diet
Best Time to Exercise
4 Ways to Live 100 Happy, Healthy Years
How to Survive The Holidays
Happy Holidays to You and Your Family!
"The Doctors" TV Show - The 17 Day Diet Cookbook Recipes

From Dr. Mike's older YouTube Channel:
Acidophilus and Probiotics
Alternatives to Green Tea
Answering Your Questions
Coffee Creamer
Constipation/Green tea
General Health Conditions/Diabetes
Diabetes, part 2
Dr. Mike Moreno Explains Which Foods to Eat on the 17 Day Diet
Dr. Mike Moreno Explains How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain on "Dr. Phil"
Dr. Mike Moreno Describes His 17 Day Diet on "Dr. Phil"
Dr. Phil talks to Dr. Mike Moreno, Creator of the 17 Day Diet
Dr. Phil Uncensored
Fish Allergies
Getting Through Cycle 2
Learn the Benefits of Rapid Weight Loss on the 17 Day Diet!
Messing Up One Day
Sugar Free Jell-O and Pudding
The Doctors - Cycle 1: Accelerate
The Doctors - Cycle 2: Activate
The Doctors - Cycle 3: Achieve
The Doctors - Cycle 4: Arrive
The Doctors - The 17-Day Diet
The Doctors - The 17-Minute Workout
The Doctors - Testimonials
The 17 Day Diet
The 17 Day Diet
The 17 Day Diet
The 17 Minute Workout - Intro
Vegetarians/Gluten Free
Vegetarians, part 2
Work at Night
Youtube channel for Dr. Mike's 17 Day Diet


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