Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ready to Quit? Read this first!

If you're not losing, check these things first before deciding this is not for you!

1. Refresh your memory of the book's instructions. It's amazing how much we forget if our head isn't totally "in the game."

2. Are you adding "not allowed" items into your meals. If so this can slow or stop weight loss. Even just a little bit can sabotage some of us.

3.  Are you sure the food you're eating is allowed on the cycle you're currently on? Double-check your food against the food lists for a couple of days, just as a double-check.

4. Minimum 1,200 calories (no you don't HAVE to count calories but be familiar with what 1,200 actually looks like for you) AFTER exercise? You should be eating a bare minimum of 1200 calories PLUS whatever you burned off in exercise.

5. If you are hungry eat! This diet is designed like fuel for your have to have a full tank of gas to make it to your destination.

6. Are you finding you are hungry? If so you aren't eating enough.

7.  Remember this is not like most diets where you have to eat less to lose.  With the 17 Day Diet, the more you eat, the better your losses will be (you're giving your body more fuel to burn off those calories and the fat).

8. Are you eating your fruits.

9. Are you getting your water in.

10. Are you eating the probiotics. Are they with NO sugar added? This is important!

11. Are you eating your Friendly Fats? This is one that a lot of us tend to forget, but it is very critical to our weight loss (2 Tbsp of flaxseed or olive oil per day).

12. Certain foods can cause this an issue for you?


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