Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Breakfast Lasagna (C3)

Serves 6

This sounds really good! I cannot wait to make it this week.  Please note that when you look at the full recipe, it states it makes 4 servings.  If you cut it into 4 servings, then it is then a Cycle 3 recipe due to the amount of cream cheese per serving.  Personally, I think 6 servings in an 8x8 pan is plenty big.

  1. You will be using 4 complete recipes of the Cream Cheese pancakes which are HERE.
  2. Do not use the sausage links called for (store bought links have added sugar and a host of other items you do not want to be consuming).  Instead, use the Turkey Breakfast Sausage recipe listed HERE. You can use the Breakfast Sausage recipe as patties or just cook it up as crumbles.
Also, on the calorie count for both the cream cheese pancakes and this recipe, disregard what the website lists, as her calorie counts are not accurate in the few recipes I've checked (she's high on the calories).

For the full recipe on I Breathe I'm Hungry website: Breakfast Lasagna

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  1. I'm a little confused on the number of complete recipes of the cream cheese pancakes to use. Original recipe says it makes four 6 inch pancakes. Your listing of the cream cheese pancakes says it makes 6 pancakes and 3 pancakes is a serving.

    The recipe for the breakfast lasagna calls for 12 pancakes which would be three batches of the original recipe if making four 6 inch pancakes OR it would need two batches of recipe if each batch makes 6 pancakes. Either way it would adjust the serving size.

    Am I making any sense? These recipes all sound yummy...I just want to make sure I am counting it right. Thanks!