Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We are hosting a Giveaway for the readers of this blog!

While we firmly believe that you do not need to have cookbooks specific to this diet, we do understand the convenience of not needing to do searches for recipes that are compliant.

In the future, we do plan to offer for sale at a very minimal price ($3-$5)  pdf cookbooks with recipes from this blog, but they are not available yet.

We are, therefore, planning at least one Giveaway of Cookbook #1 which are all recipes from this blog through the end of November of last year, and which also contains a correct Grocery Shopoing List!

To enter, send an email with a subject of:  Blog Giveaway to

Please note that you MUST be willing to give us your mailing address, as this will be a hardcopy printout. You will have the choice of a spiral bound cookbook or 3-hole punched; with the 3-hole punched, you will need to purchase your own notebook.

Good luck everyone!


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