Friday, February 3, 2012

New here? Links for Resources for you

For those of you just finding this blog, it is not "just" recipes -- there are some useful resources here as well.

Here's some links to those resources (they're back in November/December, some of them). Just click on the link and you'll be taken to that particular post on my blog.

If you're new, be sure and check out the Grocery Shopping List, the Newbie Tips and Calories - How many calories do I need posts.

Call for Smoothie Recipes!
Calculating Percentage of Weight Lost
Calories - How many calories do I need (1,200 calories and how to get them in)
Grocery Shopping List
High Fiber Foods
Holiday Eating
Newbie tips
Switching up C3
Video links for Dr. Mike videos

C1 recipes on 17DDGal blog
C2 recipes on 17DDGal blog
C3 recipes on 17DDGal blog
Recipes (all of them) on 17DDGal blog

Recipe Links - TheDoctorsTV C1
Recipe Links - TheDoctorsTV C2
Recipe Links - TheDoctorsTV C3

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